Best Pocket Selfie Drone For Vacations. The Idea Is Genius…

On the top of this list of best pocket selfie drone, the DJI Mavic Pro Collapsible Quadcopter Drone is winner as it comes fully packed and the technology is rocket science. However it sells for about $1089 and we wanted something equally as good at much lesser price, hence the focus of this content is Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone.

We shoot amazing and superior HD videos and photos with the DJI drone, and experience longer time flying on the air (about 30 minutes on a count) – with great control and flexibility.

If you can afford the DJI Mavic Pro Drone, it’s the top 1 best the world has produced for now. You can see more features of this amazing drone here > DJI Mavic Pro Collapsible Quadcopter Drone Ultimate Backpack Bundle with Remote Controller, Intelligent Flight Battery, 8330 Folding Propellers, Gimbal Clamp, Charger, 16GB microSD Card + More


Alright, let’s get to Zerotech Dobby Drone:

See the world and shoot like a pro with this drone ! The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera U.S. Version with Official Warranty is conquering the selfie world. It is amazingly the best pocket selfie drone currently in the marketplace at very affordable price $159.

  • Comes with High Precision Flight Performance Technology
  • Super Ultra-Wide Camera Angle
  • Perfect Tune Control as You Want it
  • Special Speed Mode
  • Very Portable, Fits into your Pocket…Follow You On Travels

Please do not take another dull phone selfie till you fully see this…

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera U.S. Version with Official Warranty – is going viral globally…

Phone selfies have become too uninteresting, and getting unpopular…

The new selfie trend is the pocket selfie drone and it’s incredibly what every traveller needs…


What are we talking about?

It’s the new ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone herea brand new type of drone designed so just anyone can fly it. It is practically ideal for making the ultimate selfies you have always desired! 


The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone is designed by the company’s dedicated scientists and engineers from top institutes and universities worldwide; smart engineers who love drones. These intelligent folks realized that traditional drones were large, heavy & difficult to travel with.

To that end, they designed this super light pocket selfie drone that’s ultra-compact, and that offers the advantage of a top HD drone model.

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone is firm, easy to control and is built to systematically live-stream and record to your phone!

It’s trending and we found lots of people at cruise vacations and other events using it to take ‘ultimate selfies’ that are just incredible.

We have taken selfie photos and videos with this drone, and these are the best compilations we have ever taken with any device…


How does this pocket selfie drone work?

We were astonished at how simple it was to set it up! You simply just need to install an app as recommended (and this can be done by scanning the QR code in the manual). It’s as easy as ABC!

As soon as you have done that, go on and plug in the battery, connect to the drone & start up the app.

Within few seconds, you should be ready to fly your drone!

Flying this best pocket selfie drone is so incredibly easy. It has controls that are just simply superb, indeed intuitive. Flying this drone feels natural.

As soon as you are in the air, you can proceed to utilize its super built-in camera. With this, you can take the most striking images & videos you can imagine.

With this pocket selfie drone, you can now take videos and images from otherwise impossible angles and excite your friends with the coolest selfies ever!

If you are a youtuber or love making videos, this is what you need to dazzle your audience/subscribers…

How Much Is It?

That’s exactly what we all want to be aware of, right? Well, we thought it would go for about $400 to $700, but we were wrong. The ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone sells for only $159, (deal only available online at amazon) – and this is extremely cheap for a drone of this high quality!

How to buy a ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone

That’s the easiest part! You can buy it from product official page here

What makes this pocket selfie drone so special?

The main perks with this selfie drone are: its portability, cheap price, durability, high quality camera and ease of usage.

It is about the same size as any large smartphone. It’s probably the world’s highest quality portable pocket selfie drone. And it will fit comfortably into any pocket or bag!

Obviously, our colleague’s 8-year old son flew it, so anyone can easily fly this selfie drone! Its controls are made to perfection. It also has an amazing hovering capability.

You don’t need to focus on height; simply steer and enjoy the flight with great shots!

With flying made so easy, you can completely put your creativity to taking stunning shots, filming friends and loved ones, nature, and even yourself in amazing HD quality!


Made with special material, this drone is lighter and stronger than others in the market, and this is based on exhaustive research and comparison.

Finally, the price is just remarkable. At $159 and at this quality, this must be the single best price quality pocket selfie drone there is!


Is it worth it?

For such a high quality drone at this price; it is definitely worth it!

Imagine the awesome images and videos you can take with the ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone.

The fun of flying a drone alone simply makes this worth the investment. And in case you have never flown a drone before now, this is the moment you should begin the journey; it’s an adventure and pleasure on its own!

How To Get ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Selfie Drone?

Now that you have come to the knowledge of this amazing new pocket selfie drone, here is how to get one:

1) Order the Pocket Selfie Drone from the product official page here

2) Download the app & connect to your smartphone (iOS and Android)

3) Begin to take outstanding footage of you and your friends or loved ones – on the go!

It’s As Simple As ABC!

Just Anybody Can Fly This Cheap Pocket Selfie Drone Right Out Of The Box!

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